HallsSelfStorage MovingTips


Choose the Right Box. Typically you’ll need four small to medium sized boxes for every large one. Use the smaller boxes for heavy items like books and dishes. Use the larger boxes for lighter items like bedding, blankets and linens. Using boxes uniform in size, will make it easier for stacking.


Don’t Over load. Packed boxes should not weight more than you can comfortably lift. The box should remain square, making sure bulging at the top or sides does not happen. This way, stacked boxes will be more stable. Be sure to use newsprint or bubble wrap in empty spaces within the box. This will keep the contents more stable.


Label, Label, Label!!! Use a permanent, black marker to label every box. Be specific (i.e. instead of “kitchen” write “kitchen utensils” or instead of “bathroom” write “bathroom towels”). After several months in storage, you may not remember which box your coffee cups are in. Place all labels facing the walkway.

HallsSelfStorage_Box Arrows

Be sure to mark boxes that should be packed upright, especially items like glassware, picture frames, lamps and other items that could be damaged if placed on their side.



Hang it up! You don’t keep your good clothes in a pile at home, so why pile them into a box or bag (which might rip or hold in moisture!). Use a hanging wardrobe box. They could also be used for drapes.



Think Small! Many stored items can be made smaller (i.e. bed frames, chairs, etc.). By disassembling, storage space is free of awkward pieces. Be sure to wrap tape or twine around the legs and place screws in plastic bags and tape to the frame.

Storing Items


When you’re looking for that lost thingamabob that goes with the whatchamacallit, or that toy your child cannot live without, you will find it in the last box, along the back wall. So plan ahead and allow for a clear path down the middle of your storage unit or pack along one wall if you rent a smaller unit.


Be careful not to place cardboard on the concrete floor. Cardboard LOVES moisture and will wick right up! Pallets are available for you to borrow while you are storing with us. Furniture should also be raised off the floor.



Think Stack when you pack! Make the best use of your storage space by stacking to the ceiling. To do this safely, pack heavy items at the bottom to provide a stable base. Then pack lighter, smaller boxes on top.



Keep a folding stepstool handy. Bad things can happen when you attempt to over-reach boxes on top. Tip-toe is a No-No!



Re-purpose your refrigerator. The vacant interior space is perfect for….well… anything that fits. But be sure to leave the door wedged open for circulation.



Please never, ever pack and store food in your storage unit. Even your dry goods. Varmints can seek out goodies regardless of how well they are packed and would be happy to make their home inside your unit (as well as your neighbors!).



Fume-Less. Drain the fuel tanks of lawnmowers, weedwackers and leaf blowers before storing. This will remove nasty fumes that may cause your furniture to smell like your push mower!




We pride ourselves on providing clean, affordable rental space, however housekeeping is not provided! Consider taking some precautions to help keep your items clean. It’s always a good idea to purchase dust covers for your mattresses and furniture, along with making sure your boxes are sealed. Specially made plastic wrap can be used to wrap around your dressers to insure the drawers remain closed. And, of course, plastic tubs are always a good choice for packing those items you are really concerned about.